When you look around the conventional “Globo” gym, you notice that most people on the treadmill are are either plugged into headphones, watching the conveniently placed TV in front of them or reading a magazine or book.

Is exercise that dreadfully painful that we must distract ourselves from it?

Most people bring their bodies to the gym but keep their minds at home. They slog mindlessly through the repetitions that they must do, in order to loss weight or achieve some far off goal.

They’re not present with what they’re doing and wish they could be somewhere else.

Over time, exercise becomes a chore – something to check off the list and complete, rather than something you wake up wanting to do.

What if movement and fitness could be fun and engaging rather that a monotonous drag?

I help people turn mindless, repetitive gym workouts into engaging spiritual growth adventures

Years ago, I realized that most people don’t like working out in the gym and turn their brains off when they enter the room. They don’t focus on HOW they move (ie. the way they perform the exercise), and end up with injuries, lack of motivation, and boredom.

In contrast, I also realized why I could spend hours in the gym doing something so basic as a squat and continually find joy and improvement throughout the years while others either broke away from their routines or broke off. I approached each rep with the precision and careful attention of a martial artist or a dancer and continually shaped and improved the way I performed jumped, pressed, and pulled.

I’m David Wu, a human movement educator and SoMatics coach. Not only do I teach people how to move more confidently without pain, but these days it also means showing people how to bring both their minds along with their bodies to the gym. In other words, I show people techniques to be fully engaged in their movement so they can maximize fulfillment and results and minimize boredom and injury.

Movement becomes a craft, rather than a chore. A practice rather than a punishment.

Would you like to learn how?

Stop Letting Your Body Hold You Back & Expand your Movement Freedom

In the last year of highschool, I broke my right midfoot learning a backflip at the beach. 6 months being in a cast wasn’t fun, and while the injury healed to where it was pain-free – my right foot and leg just didn’t work the like it used to. The right foot didn’t function like the left.

So while I still wanted to run, jump, and improve my athletic potential and I was missing out on all the activities because people couldn’t help improve the way my foot actually worked. That stopped me from doing the things I loved and wondered if I would ever get back to them in full force.

I searched around for the best health professionals and spent thousands of dollars getting treatments to little to no improvement. I realized that while good intentioned, the conventional healthcare system doesn’t get much further than eliminating pain or the symptoms and helping people get back to working, functional performance.

Long story short, rather than wait, give up, or depend on others, I took it upon myself to find the keys to making my right foot function how it should again and discovered the functional “software” approach to movement restoration.

Later, others wanted to learn how I did it and help them work through their own movement restoration.

Now, I want to share that knowledge and those techniques I’ve learned over the years with YOU so that you can get through the blocks in your body that stop you from being your best athlete, practitioner, or human being and get back to doing what you love.