Phone Apps

My Effectiveness: To do, Tasks [Android]

A productivity app based off of my bible, the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It has all the parts necessary in a framework to keep you focused on what’s important, rather than busy on those things that don’t matter: mission statement, roles & goals, Eisenhower Matrix. Also has a built-in 25 min pomodoro timer and a small problem-solving/worry journaling space to flesh out your circle of control vs. circle of concern.

Insight Timer

Not just a meditation timer, but also doubles as a social media medium where you can see and connect with meditators around the globe and in your area. It gamifies meditation by counting your hours and giving you reward stars for staying consistent. Special features include a large archive of searchable guided meditations, niche groups where you can create or join like on facebook, journaling space to reflect on your practice, and preset timers for specific practices. The timer itself is very customizable to fit your needs as you can change the beginning and end timer sounds and volumes. A definite must for beginner or advanced meditator. Yes, it’s that good.