Functional Movement Self Screen: How To Check Yo’ self Befo’ Ya Wreck Ya self

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Traditionally, the way we looked was a depiction of what we could do. In other words, our structure was a representation of our capability – how well we can move and perform.

However, in this modern culture, many of us chase an aesthetic ideal without the fundamental movement and function of which it originally resulted from. And as a result, in our journey to look good we may sacrifice our stability, mobility, and movement through means unproductive to good health.

Movement screening is a way to make sure we’re not going overboard chasing our body and performance goals to the extreme while overlooking our basic abilities to

Keep in mind that a screen isn’t a test. You’re not being judged or evaluated on performance. Rather, like a blood pressure or eyesight screen it’s to shed light on possible problem areas and bring our attention to them before they can cause harm.

This self screen is a simplified version of the professionally administered Functional Movement Screen that contains 7 movement and additional pain clearing screens.

So in a nut shell, how this screen with help you is to:

  1. Figure out what hurts – so you can avoid doing things that will make it worse or cause injury.
  2. Figure out what doesn’t hurt (pain-free), and works well – so you can train safely without much worry
  3. Figure out what doesn’t hurt, but doesn’t work
  • As shown in the Four Hour Body

Identify asymmetries and imbalances

risk factors


weak links



What you’ll need

  • A doorway
  • Masking tape
  • Dowel Rod
  • 15 minutes to watch the video and perform the self-screen



The 5 movement are:

  1. Deep Squat (DS)
  2. Hurdle Step (HS)
  3. In-Line Lunge (ILL)
  4. Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR)
  5. Seated Rotation (SR)

It’s a great idea to periodically re-do the screen once a year

Athletic Body in Balance – Gray Cook

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